Are you letting your scale sabotage you?

Your transformation success is NOT determined by how many pounds you lose on the scale, but how much FAT you lose. The weight itself is not the problem, it’s how much of that weight is made up of FAT. This is often referred to as body fat composition. So many people unkowningly sabotage their own success because all they are focusing on is the weight lost on the scale. The focus should be on the inches lost, especially around the midsection.

Fat takes up twice as much space as muscle (see attached pictures). Put another way, muscle is twice as dense as fat. That means you could burn 5 pounds of fat, and, at the same time, increase your muscle mass by 5 pounds, look leaner and slimmer, possibly even down a pant size or two, but the scale shows the EXACT same weight. Would you consider that a failure because the scale is the same, even though you were in smaller clothes? Oddly enough, some people do because they don’t understand the importance of body composition vs. simply focusing on how much you weigh.

The goal is to get the body into a fat burning mode which shows up in a decrease in inches by focusing on getting the muscle healthy. Most people struggling with their weight and storing fat in the midsection have a slowed, or even stalled metabolism. Many have completely shut their metabolism down through chronic dieting. Proper nutrition and fueling the muscle (your engine for burning fat) puts your body into fat burning mode. This is what we teach you how to do. Burn the fat and you lose the inches. This doesn’t happen by starving yourself either. We’ll talk about the dangers of “dieting” in a future post. It’s about fueling the body, not depriving it.

At the end of the day, nobody cares about how much you weigh, and you shouldn’t either. It’s an arbitrary number and the proper weight set point is different for everyone. What people do notice is how lean, fit and sexy you look. It’s how the woman in the attached picture can weigh exactly the same in both pictures, but look sickly, bloated and ‘old’ in her obvious before picture and look healthy, lean, happy and vibrant in the after picture. It’s not because she lost scale weight, it’s because she transformed her body composition to have less fat and healthier lean muscle.

Typical diets and many quick fix programs only focus on scale weight and lead to dangerous rebound weight gain. So don’t let yourself get sabotaged by the scale. If you’re losing pounds, great, but if you’re losing inches, that’s even better because that means you are changing your body composition. And we show you how to get that fat loss jumpstart FAST!

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