It’s NOT you!

It’s NOT you!

One of the things that breaks our heart is when people come to us for help and they are at their wits end. The conversation might start off something like, “I have tried everything! I just can’t lose weight. I diet, I exercise and I just keeping packing on more and more pounds. I have no will power, I have no self confidence and I don’t like myself.”

After having worked with, and being part of coaching, literally thousands of people, it always tears us up inside to hear somebody say that because it’s JUST NOT TRUE. When we were struggling, we used to think the same thing, but being successful losing weight, getting rebalanced and healthy again has a LOT less to do with will power, and more about what’s happening inside your body.

When we work with our team members, we use a number of different strategies. First, we want you to have a strong WHY. If your goal is just to lose weight, then that might not be compelling enough to keep you on track. But, if you associate your success with long term health and wellness and being around for your family, there’s a lot more at stake to being successful. That pizza or bowl of ice cream won’t have that same power over you if you associate eating that bowl of ice cream with not being around for your kids or grandkids.

Also, a big problem today is that our foods are so void of nutrients that the body is literally starving for the nutrients required simply to sustain the basic functions of every day living. And because our foods no longer have the nutrients they had even 30 and 40 years ago and are polluted with all the additives and chemicals, we MUST supplement to close the nutritional gaps.

The challenge with supplements is realizing that ALL supplements are NOT created equal. Just because two products have similar ingredients doesn’t mean they provide the same results. One supplement can be formulated and manufactured with inferior raw ingredients where the body assimilates only a small percentage of what you see on the label and another supplement is of much higher quality where the body assimilates most all of that ingredient providing the body with all the benefits.

Have you ever taken over the counter vitamins and then an hour later go to the bathroom and your urine is a fluorescent yellow? That’s your money literally being flushed down the toilet. In many cases with these inferior products, as little as 5% to 10% of what you see on the label is being absorbed by the body. No wonder why you are not having the results.

And what happens when your body is lacking nutritionally? You feel like you’re hungry all the time, or you have cravings for things like sugars and carbs, or salty things. We see it all the time with people that come to us looking for help. Before they start the program, they feel like they can’t step away from the cookies or the potato chips. It’s usually sweet cravings or salty cravings or both.

They beat themselves up because they think it’s a lack of willpower on their part, but it’s not. It’s the fact that their body is missing the vital nutrients it needs to close the nutritional gaps and it’s craving all the junk. Getting your body properly balanced nutritionally is a big part of what we help our team members with.

It happens all the time. We have people that have horrible cravings, terrible energy, and just plain feeling awful before they start the program. Often times they have been living like that for years and their body feels terrible. Within days of starting the program, they come back saying how incredible they feel with something like, “I feel 15 to 20 years younger!”


How is that possible to turn things around like that in a matter of days? Because we are fueling the body with what it requires nutritionally at the cellular level. Where typical diets are all about deprivation and pretty much always make things worse (how many diets have you tried that didn’t work, and even gained more weight back than you lost?), this is all about providing the body what it needs to close the nutritional gaps, get the body properly rebalanced to where it seeks the weight you should be at naturally.

So the next time that you give into one of those cravings, don’t blame it on your lack of mental toughness and lack of willpower, realize this is a physical reaction that is taking place in your body that you are going to have little control over until you close those nutritional gaps.

If you have questions on how to get started and want to begin feeling better, looking better and living better, get back with the person that sent you the link to this article. They can help get you all the information you need to get started. Our goal is to help educate and change lives!

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