Is dieting making us FAT?

Does this sound familiar? “I have tried everything. Every time I start a diet, I lose some weight, but I either hate the way I feel on the diet or I feel like I’m starving. And as soon as I stop, I gain all the weight back, PLUS another 10 pounds. What the heck is wrong with me?”

Having worked with literally thousands of people, we can’t tell you how often we hear somebody say something like that when we start consulting with them.

The answer to the question of “What the heck is wrong with me?” is, NOTHING is wrong with you? What’s wrong is DIETING!

We did a poll recently and asked folks how many different diets they’ve tried to lose weight. Over 80% said they have tried 5 or more diets. That’s crazy!


Sure, you may lose some weight in the beginning, but that’s usually water weight and muscle mass. Invariably all the weight comes back and usually with some extra pounds as a “thank you for participating” bonus. It’s frustrating and we’ve had folks say something like “I dieted myself to size 18 from a size 12” and you know what? They are absolutely right.

What is the first thing people think when they see an overweight person walking down the street? They may say something like, “Wow that person needs to go on a diet”. No, they don’t! What they need to do is they need to find out what is causing them to store the fat in the first place.

Let’s talk about why the whole process of dieting is flawed science and what’s happening to your body when you diet.

The excess weight is NOT the problem. It’s just a symptom. What is causing THAT individual (YOU) to store the excess weight IS the real underlying problem. And, it can be different for everyone. For one person, it might be a hormonal imbalance. For another person, it could be excess stress that is causing the storage of fat. For another it may be lack of sleep, or nutritional gaps, or a whole host of things.

If somebody is overweight due to stress for example, simply going on yet another diet is one of the worst things they can do because it’s going to create more stress in the body triggering more chronic inflammation which promotes the storage of visceral fat (belly fat). It’s a vicious cycle. But nobody is out there explaining this to you. Instead, you think it’s you, or your think, “I just need to go on a different diet”.

And part of the challenge is what is being constantly fed to us through advertising. We see all the celebrities endorsing all the different diets on television and we buy into thinking THAT diet is the one. What’s even more sad is that you have doctor run “weight loss” clinics out there that are prescribing harmful and toxic chemicals that simply do one thing…. shut down the appetite. Which is the worse thing you can do to an out of balance body.

We were working with somebody recently who was doing one of these “doctor” supervised ‘weight loss’ programs where they were being injected with a medication (better stated, toxic chemical) that would shut down their appetite. That individual lost some weight of course, because they didn’t eat, but they were feeling horrible. Their body was becoming malnourished and they were nauseous and had no energy all day long. After doing some research on this ‘poison’, we discovered that it also promoted thyroid tumors. When we informed her of this, she said, “Why would my doctor give that to me?” Why? It’s because everyone is treating the weight problem one way. And that’s just to say you eat too much and we need to stop you from eating. WRONG!

Here’s what happens to the body when you go on a typical diet.

You drastically cut calories and significantly reduce the nutrients your body is taking in. Nutrients that your body requires for even the most basic functions, let alone overall wellness. When this happens, you typically lose some weight in the first few days, but that weight is in the way of water weight and worse, weight from muscle break down.

You usually feel tired and lethargic and you may possibly have cravings that drive you up a wall. Most people won’t even stick to something like this for a week, let alone incorporate it into their busy lives as a long term health and wellness plan.

Since most of these diets are horribly deficient in protein and nutrients, here’s what the body does. It breaks down it’s own muscle mass as a protein source. A process known as “catabolism”. It sounds like cannibalism doesn’t it? Well, it’s like that. It’s a fancy term for your body eating itself, especially the muscle for protein.

Your muscle is what drives your metabolism and is your engine for burning fat. If you don’t give a car gas, the car won’t go. The body is the same. The goal is to promote good healthy lean muscle so you can increase your metabolism, not break it down. We help you do this by getting the proper foods and nutrients into the body, not depriving the body of them like diets do.

Diets destroy your metabolism as they destroy your muscle, which means you have short term weight loss, but weight gain right around the corner. Yeah, you may lose some weight on the scale, but you can expect that weight to come back plus another 5 to 10 pounds if not more because you wrecked your metabolism.

The goal should NOT be to lose scale weight at all costs, the goal should be to rid the body of fat which then transforms your body into that lean, sexy tone look we all want.

When we work with our clients, we consult with them to find out exactly what their struggles are. We dig deeper to find out WHY their body may be storing the excess weight, or having all the other health challenges. Again, the weight itself is not the problem. The weight is a SYMPTOM of the underlying problem… Low energy, poor sleep, chronic pain, hormonal issues and other things like, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugars and diabetes, migraines, allergies, intestinal issues. And the list goes on. ALL of these things are also symptoms and are interrelated.

We are as successful as we are because…

A) We treat each person individually and not as some cookie cutter program. We don’t just say your problem is you “eat too much” and stop you from eating because that’s rarely ever the real cause.

B) We address the reasons why YOUR body is out of balance and what is causing YOU to store the excess weight, often times seeing underlying health challenges get better or get resolved completely. This is the difference between a wellness system and just another diet.

C) And because of this, we help people get FAST results that last! We educate and teach our team members how to get off the dieting roller coaster for good. We show them the proper way to eat, supplement, and rebalance their body.

When somebody goes through their 8 Day Reset, we begin to get everything rebalanced and then we show them how to move on to the lifestyle. We often hear things like. “My energy is amazing, I haven’t felt this good in 20 years!” or “My pants are falling off me, I can’t believe how my belly has shrunk in just days!” or “I am sleeping like a baby, my focus is amazing and my pain is gone!” Or “My numbers are all improving and my doctor is already starting to cut my medications.” Or, “I haven’t had a migraine since I started!”

All of these are things that happen when the body gets rebalanced and it can happen fast.

We hear things like this ALL the time and often within the first 8 days. Why? Because we are helping rebalance every major system in the body. We are pinpointing what YOUR specific challenges are and addressing them at the root.

If you haven’t watched it already, we highly recommend watching this recording of a live webinar we did recently. This webinar explains why we are all so sick and fat these days, what’s causing it, and what we can do to fix it. Here’s the link

In the meantime, when you see that next miracle “diet” come your way and you say to yourself, “This may be the one.” You’re going to want to think twice about that. Think about what we discussed above. Is that diet going to help you get to the root cause of your health and weight challenges? Or, is it just another run of the mill program that is simply cutting back calories and curbing the appetite which will is just going to throw your body into starvation mode, wreck your metabolism, and ultimately cause rebound weight gain and making everything worse?

We hope you found this article helpful. If you have questions on how to get started and want to begin feeling better, looking better and living better, get back with the person that sent you the link to this article. They can help get you all the information you need to get started. Our goal is to help educate and change lives!

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