Why bother with supplements?


1) Our food today contains insufficient nutrients for our bodies.

The food we eat today is far different in quality from 100 or even 50 years ago. Even organic vegetables and fruit are grown in soil that has been stripped of nutrients by overuse and even the fertilizers only contain 3 of the 17 nutrients plants require to be healthy. Malnourished plants lead to malnourished animals, which in turns leads to a malnourished you.

2) Toxins, Toxins and more Toxins.

Over 7 billion pounds of 650 chemicals have been released into our air and water (266 of which were associated with birth defects). To make matters worse a study on randomized subjects found over 100 chemicals in the bloodstream that did not exist 40 years ago…fortunately many of these toxins can be eliminated from the body through the use of natural supplements.

3) Weight Loss. Can you lose weight without supplements?

Yes. Will you be malnourished? Yes. When you commit to a lower calorie diet to lose weight without the support of supplements, you are removing nutrients without replacing them, you deplete your body and derail your progress and health.

4) Hormonal Imbalances.

When it comes to the intricate hormone cycles in our bodies, if we are not putting in the appropriate nutrients then the whole balance of our bodies quickly unravels. If the nutrients are not coming from food, then we need to get them from supplements to ensure our bodies stay in balance. Being out of balance only means an increased risk of various cancers, poor muscle tone, low energy, no libido, poor liver function, weight gain, etc.

5) Overall Well-Being.

You will feel better, look better, perform better, etc. when your body is optimized and has the nutrients it needs. Plain and Simple, you need supplements in your daily life.



Those are just some of the reasons why supplementation is so critical these days. Our foods today are completely compromised. Even if we tried to eat all organic, we are still not getting the nutrients in our foods that our parents and grandparents were getting in their foods when they were children. That would be bad enough, but considering all the toxins in our foods now, we are not getting the sustenance and the nutritional support we need, but are actually getting sick from our foods.

This has become even more evident in the health of our children. Is it any coincidence all the child onset illnesses that we are seeing these days? We are all ingesting chemicals on a daily basis that is leading to all kinds of child onset illnesses, diseases and imbalances, including our children. Childhood onset diabetes for example, is at an all time high.

Proper supplementation is much, much more than just an aid to weight loss, but it’s like providing your immune system with a suit of armor to help protect itself.

Our own daughter caught colds constantly often resulting in bronchitis. She began supplementing with these products when she was 10 years old. She is now 16 and has missed only a couple days of school in the last 6 years from being sick saving us lots of money on prescribed medications and doctor’s visits! This is just one example of what supplementing to help close your nutritional gaps can do for you and your family.

We hope you found this information helpful. Whether it’s weight loss or overall wellness, get back with the person that shared this post with you to learn more about how this system and these products can help you and your family with your health.

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