The TRUTH about that belly fat

One of our primary goals is to help educate folks on what’s really happening behind the scenes. Let’s talk about the truth behind that belly fat so many people seem to be carrying these days.

That belly fat so many people seem to be walking around with today is not the same fat as our grandparents might have been carrying even just 40 years ago.

Have you looked at some photographs from back in the 1970’s and earlier? Everyone seemed to be rail thin and fit. There might have been a handful of people overweight and walking around with a “belly” back then, but not like it is today. We’ll explain what has happened to us over the last 40 years in just a bit, but go out in public today and count how many people you can see with a noticeable belly hanging out of their pants or strategically hidden under loose clothing.

Let’s take a look at what’s actually going on inside. Watch this short 2 minute video below…

We see that today’s belly fat (visceral fat) is far more insidious and it is loaded with toxins. Put another way, loaded with poisons. Toxin = Poison. This is NOT a weight problem. This is a health problem. The weight is a symptom just like all the other imbalances people experience such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, elevated blood sugars, no metabolism / no energy, poor sleep, chronic pain, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, migraines, allergies, stress, attention deficit disorder, and other mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression. And the list of maladies and dysfunctions goes on and on. These are the kind of things that can go hand in hand with the effects on the body of this toxic goop.

You may have seen the pictures that we post in our transformation group of success stories of team members we have worked with. Pictures like Dana here and what happened for her during her 8 Day Reset.

One of the things that you notice right away is the dramatic reduction of that visceral fat. And, it can start to happen FAST as we help you get rebalanced and address the underlying causes of this visceral fat and not simply say, “well you just need to go on a diet”. Did you know that simply going on a diet can actually make this visceral fat problem worse?

Have you ever gone on a diet, lost a few pounds and as soon as you stopped it all came back, plus more? There’s a reason for that and you can read more about that by clicking this article here… Is dieting making us FAT?

But first, let’s talk about why we are so loaded with these toxins today compared to even just 40 years ago. What the heck happened?

This could easily be a separate article altogether, but we’ll try and summarize here. First of all, it’s not just one thing that’s causing us to be fat and sick these days. It’s more like a perfect storm of health crises. Let’s talk about a few of them.

First, where our foods are today. I remember back in the 70’s as a kid when FAT was evil and fat free foods started getting manufactured. The first fat free foods that came out tasted horrible, like cardboard. Of course, the manufacturers weren’t going to sell much of that so what did they do? They started pumping everything full of sugar to add taste to it and over the years we went from a country that ingested about 7 pounds of sugar per person per year back in the 1800’s to a country that now takes in 146 pounds of sugar per person per year. And, with sugar’s highly inflammatory response and it’s highly addictive nature, we became a country practically overnight addicted to sugar.

But it’s worse than that. The FDA has now approved over 65,000 different NON-FOOD items to be added to our foods. Chemicals, preservatives and fillers that don’t belong in our body and create a toxic, inflammatory response. For example, if you have grated parmesan cheese in your fridge, check the label for cellulose (wood) which the FDA has approved to be used as a filler in your parmesan cheese. Or a few years back where McDonald’s was including a chemical in their McRib that was a chemical also used to make yoga mats out of. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want wood in my food or chemicals to make yoga mats.

And, it gets worse than that. Not only are our foods completely compromised, but even if you tried to eat organic and healthy, you are getting a fraction of the nutrients you were once getting back in the 70’s.  You could eat an orange back then and know that you were getting the full nutritional value of that orange. Today? You would have to eat about 4 oranges to get the same nutritional value as that orange from the 70s. Why? Because our foods are being harvested way before they are ripe and ready. Ever notice your oranges looking a little green in the grocery store? That’s because they were picked when they were green (no more nutrients) and ripened in transit. Combine that with crops no longer being rotated and harmful pesticides and chemicals being used for fertilizer to grow things bigger and faster, but unnaturally. All of those chemicals are ending up in us.

Then when we get sick, what happens? We go see the doctors that put us on more chemicals creating more toxins. Ever watch the disclaimers of prescription meds in a commercial? More than half the commercial talks about all the horrible things that can happen, possibly even death. It’s crazy. The medication sounds worse than the actual problem that’s being addressed. Now there are medications that are life saving and critical, but for the most part, medications do not heal or actually fix the true underlying problem, they simply mask the symptom. A medication for high blood pressure does not FIX the reason why you have high blood pressure. It’s simply a chemical band aid that masks the symptom.

And then there’s everyone’s stress levels. If you were around back in the 70’s and before, the idea was you would get a job with a good company and they would take care of you for life. Those days are long gone. We became a nation of two income families having to work more for less. It’s been said that we make more decisions today in a month than our grandparents made in their entire lifetime. Who isn’t overly stressed today? Stress is a HUGE problem when it comes to our health.

All of this is contributing to this chronically inflamed state that is clearly seen in so many folks walking around these days with that belly hanging out. A belly full of poisonous toxins making us more and more sick.

Now that we understand all the things that are going against us, what can we do?

Knowing what’s happening is a big first step. When you understand all this you realize that this is a much bigger and deeper problem. A problem that isn’t going to get fixed by simply going on the diet of the week, wrapping your belly in plastic, or jumping in the next exercise craze.

This is all about wellness imbalances and you need a proven wellness system that helps address ALL of these issues all at once, leaving nothing to chance. A system that is going to address the chronic inflammation, close the nutritional gaps, improve gut health, improve sleep, reduce stress, improve energy, boost mood, rebalance the hormones, improve muscle health, boost the immune system,  boost the metabolism, significantly reduce pain, improve clarity and focus, and detoxify. Then you will get these kinds of results. All of this is what we help you do. This is not a cookie cutter system. It’s something that is customized for you with free support and coaching all along the way. And it’s easy to follow.

We hope you found this information helpful. Whether it’s weight loss or overall wellness, get back with the person that shared this post with you to learn more about how this system and these products can help you and your family with your health and specific needs.

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