I just need to exercise more. Are you sure?

We see it all the time. Commercials with gorgeous fitness models showing off their perfectly flat stomachs using the latest fad exercise gadget. And you  know they didn’t get that body by using that silly gadget. Or advertisements for local gym memberships, especially right after Christmas and through January when everyone is making those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.

Let’s take a closer look at what happens here.

January 1st, Mary signs up with her local gym. Even though she’s tried countless times to get exercising again, she swears this is going to be the time she sticks with it. She got some new workout clothes, created a new play list of her favorite songs on her phone and she’s ready. What was 40 pounds at the beginning of last year that she wanted to drop is now 55 pounds. She really wants to get rid of all of that belly fat she’s storing so she’s prepared to work the abs hard. She’s tired of being that “apple-shaped” person. Mary even hired a personal trainer this time. Before starting, Mary jumped on the scale to get her beginning weight. “Yikes!” Mary thinks to herself.

The first few days and Mary is really sore. She expected that as she starts getting used to it all. Her trainer has her exercising 5 days a week about 2 hours a day. The second week is more of the same. A little less sore, but she is starting to feel a little stronger. Third week, more of the same and it’s starting to get routine. Mary decided she wasn’t going to weigh herself until the end of the first month. Week 4 was really tough to get motivated and go to the gym, but she did it. Now comes the moment of truth. Mary is going to weigh herself thinking all of this hard work has to be paying off. She’s definitely feeling stronger. She jumps on the scale and Mary is beside herself. The evil scale MUST be wrong as it shows that Mary GAINED 2 pounds! WHAT? On the way home from the gym, Mary is in tears.

Mary calls her trainer and asks what’s going on. He tells her not to get discouraged, that it will happen and that it’s a process. She goes back on week 5 but her heart just isn’t into it. The negative thoughts start creeping in and she’s asking herself why she’s working so hard and is it even worth it. By Valentine’s Day, she’s done, cancels her gym membership and feels emotionally spent and really disliking herself.

After working with thousands of people helping them reach their weight loss and wellness goals, we have heard story after story like Mary’s. It’s heartbreaking. The conversation usually starts off with, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I exercise and I eat well, but I still can’t lose the weight”

With our approach, our team members are averaging about 5 to 15 pounds lost in their first 8 days with many going on to lose 20 to 25 pounds or more in their first month. WITHOUT EXERCISING. And where do they lose it first? Right in the belly. If they are storing their fat in the belly, that’s where it comes from first. How do we get those kinds of results?

Let’s take a look at how we would have worked with Mary. First, we would have done a 30 minute consultation call to find out everything that was going on with Mary. During that call, we found out that Mary was not sleeping well, highly stressed, was dealing with lots of inflammation and had some hormonal imbalances. While she was eating some good quality foods, she actually wasn’t eating enough. We found all that out in that 30 minute phone call. Based on that, we made a recommendation of which supplementation plan she should be on that would address her sleep issues, the stress, the inflammation and the hormonal imbalances. Mary got started on the program and after her first 2 days, she already lost 4 pounds. After her 8 Day Reset, she had lost 9 pounds, but more importantly she lost LOTS of inches in her belly. Without doing one sit up, or spending hours on the treadmill.

Mary went on to lose 18 pounds in her first 30 days and her belly completely started flattening out. Mary was blown away and wanted to know how the heck this was happening. We explained to Mary that unless we addressed the reasons why her body was out of balance and storing the fat BEFORE putting her on an aggressive exercise plan, the exercising itself was going to cause more stress and inflammation to the body causing the body to store even more of that visceral belly fat. We explained to her that exercising is great and that should be a goal for everyone AS their body is nutritionally rebalanced. The most that we wanted Mary doing at that time was a brisk walk and as she got more and more rebalanced, that brisk walk turned into a light jog.

We helped Mary learn what her body needed and the signals that her body was giving her so SHE could make the proper adjustments on her own. One year later, Mary is in size 4s and 6s and working out several days a week an hour at a time at most because she LOVES it, not because she feels like she has to and dreading it.

Nutrition is 80% of the battle where exercise is the other 20%. And you’re not going to get all the nutrition your body needs through your foods, you have to supplement. When working out with the trainer that first month, the 2 pounds that Mary gained was a combination of losing 3 pounds of fat, but also putting on 5 pounds of muscle. Muscle is good. It is your engine for burning the fat and it’s part of what we help promote. Mary was working MUCH harder than she needed to or should have been. To gain 2 pounds like that is after all that work isn’t very motivating.

Would Mary have eventually reached her weight loss goals? Maybe, but it would have taken a long time, if ever, the way she was approaching it and the wellness imbalances blocking her from success would not have been addressed.

What we do is we help people first figure out WHY YOUR body is storing the fat to begin with. And, it can be different for each individual. A recommendation made for Mary, may not be the right one for Jane. It’s why we take the time out to consult with everyone first. Within 30 minutes, we have a good idea of what’s going on with you and your body and can make the proper recommendation.

Once we figure out WHY YOUR body is out of balance and storing the fat, we can recommend the right supplement plan. We then recommend a meal plan and schedule based on how much you want to lose and your specific needs. Often times we need to have people eat more than they have been. You never go hungry on this program. Hunger is a sign that you are not properly fueling your body. It’s not about dieting and depriving the body, it’s about fueling and feeding the body.

Once we have figured out WHY YOUR body is out of balance and storing the fat, have started the proper supplementation plan along with the proper meal plan, which by the way is with real food, not the pre-packaged processed stuff that is loaded with toxins, we then coach you and make any necessary adjustments as you go through your 8 Day Reset. This is how we get people to lose on average 5 to 15 pounds in 8 days and have amazing energy.

After that, we help folks incorporate their supplements into their lifestyle long term and often make recommendations on how to bring exercising into their life in a way that they will LOVE it and getting even leaner and more tone from the inches lost.

Here is a picture of Sandra and her daughter and the transformation that happened for them within their first year. When they first started, they just wanted to lose some weight, but because of how great they felt and the progress they were making, casual exercising turned into competing in a fitness contest as mother and daughter together. How cool is that?

It all started with understanding WHY each one was storing the fat, then filling the nutritional gaps with the proper supplementation, then helping properly fuel the body with the correct food and THEN incorporating the right kind of exercising into their lives AFTER the foundation was set.

This program is all about building a lifelong wellness foundation first. A foundation that will then support whatever physical activities you choose to add to your life WHEN your body is ready to support it.

The next time you go to the gym and you’re not having the weight loss results or body transformation results you were hoping for, don’t be as concerned about whether you are doing the right exercises, be more concerned about whether you have built the foundation and addressed your wellness gaps first.

You can’t put the roof on the house until you’ve poured the foundation and put up the walls first.

We hope you found this information helpful. Whether it’s weight loss or overall wellness, get back with the person that shared this post with you to learn more about how this system and these products can help you and your family with your health and specific needs.

30 day, open container money back guarantee, you get results or a refund. Change your life or your money back.

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