Calories In versus Calories Out. Does it really work that way?

We’ve all seen the old saying, “calories in versus calories out” in order to lose weight, but is that really how it works?

In the lab and in theory, yes. But what about in real life?

In theory, 3500 calories equals 1 pound of body weight. And in order to shed a pound of body weight, you would need to take in 3500 calories less, or burn more through exercising, over a specific period of time.

After that, this whole calories in versus calories out concept falls apart in real life.

Is this implying that if I ate a diet of ice cream and potato chips, that as long as I eat less calories, all will be fine and dandy? My body will be in great physical condition and I will feel better? No way!!

Have you gone on a diet and were starving so much, you felt like you could eat your shoe? It happens all the time. No nutrients. How sustainable is that?

We’ve talked about this in several other articles, but the goal should never be to lose weight just for the sake of losing weight. The goal should be to change your body composition by promoting more lean healthy muscle and getting rid of the fat. When you lose fat, you lose inches. Inches lost in the right spots, such as your midsection, is the gauge of healthy success not simply losing pounds on the scale. We can show you a bunch of unhealthy “skinny-fat” people (the term used for people who are thin, but overall body composition consists of higher fat and little muscle mass). These are people that are misguided and lost thinking the body weight lost on the scale at all costs, is the gauge of success.

What science is discovering is that the calories in versus calories out concept is far less important than the nutrients we are taking in on a daily basis. Do you think a bowl of ice cream at 700 calories is going to be metabolized the same as a well balanced meal with high quality protein, complex carbs and healthy fats?

Try going on a diet where all you are focusing on is cutting back calories and exercising to burn more calories. Watch what happens to your body. It will break down, crash and turn catabolic feeding off it’s own muscle as a protein source causing you to gain weight after your body recovers.

This “calories in versus calories out” theory also has created a lot of problems for people when it comes to simply eating low calorie pre-packaged foods. The FDA has approved over 65,000 NON-FOOD items that can be in our foods. Things like preservatives, fillers, and chemicals in order to give foods longer shelf life, more color, and artificial tastes.

Look at some of the stuff we put in our mouths and call food. Do you think these bright colored Cheeto like foods and the like occur in nature? Cheese in individually slices wrapped in plastic? They are comprised of dangerous chemicals that we are putting in our body that our body doesn’t recognize, can’t metabolize into something productive and instead create an inflammatory response storing more toxic fat, especially in the belly.

The other challenge is that even though we think we are eating quality foods, our foods are completely compromised. An orange today has 1/4 the nutrients in it that an orange had just 40 to 50 years ago. Food is big business and it has taken over the whole supply chain of production and distribution of our foods. Our produce and fruits are purposely being picked before they are ripe so they can “ripen” while inside a truck in transit to your grocery store. While an orange may look niche and colorful, the moment it was picked from the tree / vine, was the moment it STOPPED receiving the nutrients your body needs. Now, couple that with the fact that our crops are not being rotated like they used to so the soils are nutrient depleted to begin with. We all believe we are eating healthy, but we are still seriously nutrient deficient and that’s showing up in all kinds of illnesses that didn’t exist just 40 and 50 years ago.

Think about this. Have you ever eaten a meal and then about an hour later you are starving again? This happens all the time when you eat low nutrient dense foods. You are not satisfying your body’s basic primal needs and it is sending you a signal saying, “That garbage you just fed me an hour ago did nothing for me, now get me some real food.”

Because of all of this, supplementation has become critical these days in order to promote wellness and close the nutritional gaps. Nutritional supplementation, known as nutraceuticals is one of the most advancing fields in science today. We are discovering more and more ways to harvest high quality raw ingredients and manufacture them so the body absorbs and assimilates what it needs. Today’s nutraceutical supplements are not like those you find at your big box stores or even some of your health food stores. Much of which a very small portion is actually absorbed, while you see your urine turning yellow the next time you go to the bathroom. That’s your body expelling what it can’t absorb and your investment literally going down the toilet.

Proper nutrition with quality foods and quality supplementation is the secret to many of the health issues we see today beyond just helping with weight loss.

The next time you start thinking calories in versus calories out, think about where you are with your nutrition and supplementation first. Otherwise, you can do a lot more harm than good to your metabolism and all the major systems of your body by simply “dieting” and cutting calories.

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