3 reasons why your scale is stuck

After having worked with over 2,500 clients and helping them with their wellness and weight loss goals, here are 3 common reasons we’ve seen keeping folks from seeing a weight loss on their scale. Number 3 is a biggie!



1) Not eating enough

Of all the people we have worked with, probably 80% of them are not eating enough before we start coaching them. To lose weight, you do not starve and deprive the body, you fuel it. When you properly fuel the body with the right nutrient-dense foods, the metabolism fires on all cylinders. Just like a car, give it the fuel and it goes.

Don’t give it the fuel and it stalls. On this proper program, you should NEVER feel hungry. Ever! The trick is, what to eat, and when to eat it. We show you how to do that. Get dieting out of your mind and focus on fueling the body and then watch the pounds drop.


2) Obsessed with the scale / chronic dieting

If you are a chronic scale watcher, you are going to be chasing the scale forever. Losing weight simply to see a lower number on the scale is setting you up for failure. You have to shift your focus from “losing weight” to “losing fat”.

Your goal should be about changing your body composition and creating that lean, healthy, sexy, tone looking body. This doesn’t happen by just losing pounds, but by losing the fat. Fat takes up twice as much space as muscle. Fat is what gives you that fluffy, unhealthy bloated look.

Lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle and the scale will show a net loss of ZERO pounds. BUT, you could very possibly be feeling great and in a size or two smaller with your jeans falling off. Is it really a number that pops up on a white box you stand on in your bathroom that matters, or, is it a healthy, lean, sexy body that turns heads? Stop being a slave to the scale and learn how to change your body composition and burn fat.


3) Not addressing underlying inflammation issues first

This is the biggie. Are you struggling with any of the following…

And, possibly on prescription or OTC meds for some or all of it? If so, your problem is NOT a weight problem. You have a WELLNESS problem.

Trying to lose weight without addressing these imbalances at the same time will lead to failure. Learn more about the dangers of chronic inflammation in the body and how it is often a precursor to disease and many wellness issues including the storage of visceral belly fat.

Get rid of the inflammation and the body starts to drop that nasty belly fat quickly AND you put your body on the path to wellness and balance.

The body will NOT let the fat go no matter how much you diet and exercise UNTIL you get rid of that underlying chronic inflammation first. We show you how to feel better first and get on the road to wellness where the body lets go of the fat quickly and safely. And, exercising is NOT required.

30 day, open container money back guarantee, you get results or a refund. Change your life or your money back.

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