I just need to exercise more. Are you sure?

We see it all the time. Commercials with gorgeous fitness models showing off their perfectly flat stomachs using the latest fad exercise gadget. And you  know they didn’t get that body by using that silly gadget. Or advertisements for local gym memberships, especially right after Christmas and through January when everyone is making those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.

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It’s NOT you!

It’s NOT you!

One of the things that breaks our heart is when people come to us for help and they are at their wits end. The conversation might start off something like, “I have tried everything! I just can’t lose weight. I diet, I exercise and I just keeping packing on more and more pounds. I have no will power, I have no self confidence and I don’t like myself.”

After having worked with, and being part of coaching, literally thousands of people, it always tears us up inside to hear somebody say that because it’s JUST NOT TRUE. When we were struggling, we used to think the same thing, but being successful losing weight, getting rebalanced and healthy again has a LOT less to do with will power, and more about what’s happening inside your body.

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Are you letting your scale sabotage you?

Your transformation success is NOT determined by how many pounds you lose on the scale, but how much FAT you lose. The weight itself is not the problem, it’s how much of that weight is made up of FAT. This is often referred to as body fat composition. So many people unkowningly sabotage their own success because all they are focusing on is the weight lost on the scale. The focus should be on the inches lost, especially around the midsection.

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